Ping Me Already, SEO Tricks Part 2

So I am still adding a few more tricks to my web properties and again I thought that I would share them with you. I am using blogger because it’s so easy, and these tricks can be used in other blogger applications but I will use Blogger as the test case since I am most familiar with this application.

1. Optimize all of your URL Structure’s: When you post to your blog Blogger will pick up the first few words of the posing title and use that to create your post URL. Ok let’s give this a try, I type in the post title “Agile Testing for Projects” publish the post, then exam the URL structure on the bottom of the page, it reads NOW edit that post and put in more relevant keywords and add to the post title (Agile Project Management) publish it and you still see
So put the relevant keywords in first, then re-edit it and you have a much more keyword rich URL structure for spiders to crawl.

2. Go into the edit HTML portion of the dashboard and edit a few more things
to help with the indexing of your site.
• Add Heading tags, h1 etc to all your pages
• Modify the normal a href=”URL” Anchor and add title again to all pages
• Optimize Images : Add alt and title attributes to the
tags on all your pages

I added my site map to Google but found a little trick to add to the code. I used the Atom Feed and my site map but discovered that I can add a little code at the end to help increase the amount of posts that will be submitted. Just add this code to the Atom Feed as your site map “start-index=1&max-results=100” that way the more the merrier when it comes to post URLS and spiders.

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