Six Sigma and Agile

I am just about the take my final exam from Expert Rating for the Six Sigma green belt program. The class has been very good and very in depth with lots of takeaways for future projects. Having experience in the Agile methodology and the “speed” of the processes I am wondering how the Six Sigma method would perform in a small quick to market software shop. The one thing that I wished I had and or had the chance to use would have been “dashboards” they talk a lot about them in Six Sigma but what I would have done with one for the agile projects I worked on. I have been doing a little investigation on some open source software and found some good sites. I always try to find open source applications first because I know that the implementation of Agile can sometimes scare management and they already don’t want to spend money on another methodology that they are not that comfortable with from the start. Not all management is apprehensive of the methodology but it can be daunting to convert management towards Agile. First thing you MUST do is align your development team with the business and business owners. You should make sure that you have a dedicated resource that is most familiar with the business owner, product, or the team that the application will be developed for. Also I would suggest starting it on a small project, something that might be getting an enhancement or fixing current (bugs) issues with the application, NOT on a major critical application that is undergoing a complete redesign. Start small so the team and management can all jump on-board and grow and learn the benefits of Agile from the start.

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