Idea Collection Tools the Six Sigma Tool Kit

As a continuation of yesterdays post I thought I would expand on the tools used for idea collection. Yesterday I focused on Brainstorming probably my favorite way of idea collection but today I have a few more examples.
Affinity diagrams are another way to show the representation of brainstormed ideas. When ideas presented in the Brainstorming session are grouped into meaningful categories, an Affinity diagram is formed. Here is a link to some examples of the diagrams, we have used these diagrams for the initial phase of Agile “brainstorming and definition”.

Many of the ideas that are presented in the brainstorming session are sometimes too long, complex and raw. The Affinity diagram helps to organize the unorganized data and refine the output of the brainstorming session. These diagrams present interesting tools that are used for organizing, gathering, and correlating the information from the customer. These diagrams usually present relationship between items and groups.
Also while you are brainstorming remember to create and environment were multivoting is accepted throughout the whole team. Multivoting is generally referred as a follow-up to brainstorming.
In the brainstorming session, a large number of raw ideas are presented which are further organized into meaningful categories as presented in the Affinity diagrams. These meaningful and organized sets of ideas are further arranged in an order of importance including common problems and causes. The list may comprise of 3-5 items. Each member of the group is allowed to rank each item of importance. Thus the item which receives the highest number of ranking from the group is considered for further analysis.

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