Idea Collection Tools the Six Sigma Tool Kit Part 2

So here is a continuation of some of the idea tools used during the implementation of Six Sigma, some of these tools can be used for the Agile methodology as well.
Structure Trees
Brainstorming ideas are presented with links in a hierarchical fashion in the structure tree. The structure tree shows how goals and solutions to the problems presented in the brainstormed ideas can be connected using a structure tree. The tree diagrams are very simple and a routine process in the six sigma projects and can be used for Agile as well. I have used these trees during the initial kickoff for an Agile project, I find them very useful and you can build from them Cause and Effect Diagrams and Functional Analysis Diagrams.
The Cause and Effect diagram is used to brainstorm possible causes of a problem or effects. It puts the possible causes into groups, and reviews the causes that lead to other causes. It is further linked, as in a structure tree. The value of a Cause and Effect diagram is to help gather collective ideas of a team and to discuss various solutions to solve the upcoming problems. I must reiterate this point when planning for an Agile project I found that TEAM WORK is the highest priority for a successful Agile project. All team members as WELL as ALL management must be on the same page for successful implementations.

A Functional Analysis Diagram identifies and organizes the important functions of a process or a product. It identifies general and specific functions that operate in a product or process. This tree structure helps to check for completeness, and reports the analysis in ways that can hide or expose details appropriate to different audiences. Developers, Quality Assurance, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Business Owners all find these diagrams useful because you can really dig into the details and all team members will bring a different expertise to the development of the diagram. And I forgot to mention but I passed my exam and I am now Six Sigma Green Belt certified.

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