Idea Collection Tools the Six Sigma Tool Kit Part 4

OK so I think I have pretty much exhausted this subject HORAY! So this will be the last post on Idea collection for Agile and Six Sigma. These are the last of the collection ideas that will be discussed.


SIPOC is an acronym for Supplier, Input, Process, Output, and Customer. SIPOC is generally used in the Define phase (Define the problem, the voice of the customer, and the project goals, specifically) of the DMAIC (Six Sigma) methodology. The SIPOC diagrams are made to define the sub-processes in major business processes, and to identify possible measures. The SIPOC software tools, like iGrafx, SigmaFlow, and Process Model helps to organize and display the information. Now some of these ideas can be used in the Agile Methodology, my experience has been that we did not have the resource due to the size of the organization so we had to use open source tools or no tools at all due to budget constraints.

The functioning of SIPOC involves the following SIX steps:
• Categorizing the process
• Categorizing the outputs
• Defining the outputs by their name, title, or organizational entity
• Defining the customer requirements
• Defining the inputs
• Categorizing the sources of the inputs

Data Gathering Tools

Statistical Sampling

Statistical Sampling comprises of two words, statistics and sampling. To have a clear idea of the term statistical sampling, it is important to know them separately. Sampling is the practice of gathering a subset of the total data available from a process or a population. Therefore we can define Statistical Sampling as the collection, organization, and interpretation of the numerical data collected randomly from a process or a population.” Statistical Sampling methods usually refer to taking a small sample at random which can be used further to obtain reliable information about a much larger process or population. A sample is said to be random, when all the items in the process or population has a defined probability, otherwise any inference obtained from a sample, which is not random, would be of no use. Functions in spreadsheets like Excel or Lotus 123 helps to obtain a random sample. We can say that Attribute Sampling, which is used to measure process audits, is a statistical sampling method, and it is used extensively used in the Six Sigma improvement program.

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