Six Sigma Certification Exam

So I am finishing up my Six Sigma Green Belt and getting ready for the certification test, I am taking the test via Expert Rating online service and it has been a good course. I think that the number one thing that I learned in the course is the primary aim of Six Sigma is to focus on the customer FIRST and then use facts and data based on customer requirements to get better results or improve the process. I have seen this time and time again forgetting that we are in the business of the customer first and understanding of the process and the product drives the business and fulfills customers’ expectations. Six Sigma is all about eliminating the defects, it is important to measure the variations occurring in the processes, which acts as the carriers of defects. I am trying to figure out how this can work inside the development organizations I have worked for and also if it would work. In development organizations we are always limited by time constraints BUT in Quality Assurance there has not been ONE project I was associated with that the testing time did not became condensed because development ran longer than expected. This can occur for many reasons, more bug issues than expected, more complicated code development, changing business requirements, lack of resources and the list can go on and on. Six Sigma looks like a great methodology for bigger organizations because you need to train management, core team, and anyone else involved with the project to use this methodology this takes time and money. In the smaller, faster, development environments I have worked I think that the Agile methodology is more conducive for application development, with the tighter constraints on money and the lack of resources due to the size of the organization Agile is a perfect fit.

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