Six Sigma Phases "Analyze" Phase

Analyze Phase

In this phase, the gaps are identified between current process performance and the business goals. The gaps are further transformed into improvement projects, and an integrated system is established to support the implementation.

Define Business Goals based on Organization’s Strategic Plan

The organization's purpose, structure, and flow, including interfaces with other organizations and primary customers must be fully known by the Core team.
It is very important to understand the corporate policies and procedures that affect the Six Sigma Quality Management System (QMS).
The short-term and long-term business goals must be defined by the Core team. These goals must be based upon the organization's strategic plan.

Identify the Existing Processes Performance

It is important to identify the overall process of the organization, showing how products or services are created and supplied to the customers.
The Core Team must perform a high-level “gap analysis”.
After the performance, the gap analysis results have to be further reviewed by top management.

Define Six Sigma Improvement Projects

The scope and the goals of Six Sigma improvement projects are defined based on the “gap analysis”, which should include: process management, human resource development, training system, quality tools, supplier management, and customer management.

Create Performance Measures for all Six Sigma Projects

The detailed performance measures for all Six Sigma projects are defined based upon the gap analysis.
These performance measures should be consolidated into an organizational information system.
The organizational information system is enhanced in order to provide the information about individual project progress and the overall Six Sigma implementation performances.

Establish an Incentive/Recognition System

An incentive/recognition system is essential to Six Sigma implementation.
Top management is responsible for designing a system to motivate employees in the Six Sigma implementation.

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