Six Sigma Phases "Improvement Phase"

Improvement Phase

In this phase the improvement project teams are composed to provide Six Sigma project-related training to the team members. As the progression of the projects take place, it is important to constantly monitor the status of each project.

Form the Six Sigma Project Teams

The Six Sigma project teams are composed by the Core Team.
The Six Sigma project teams are responsible for the delivering of the project goals assigned to each project.

Plan and Provide Six Sigma Training to Members of Project Teams

It is very important to develop a training plan and strategy, and provide further training to all members of Six Sigma project teams.
The training plan should focus on: Six Sigma overview, measure-analyze-improve-control (MAIC) discipline, and utilization of quality tools.

Implement the Six Sigma Projects

Project teams should evaluate the existing processes and proceed with the MAIC discipline.

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