Six Sigma Phases "Measure" Phase

Measure Phase

Some more of my ideas when implementing Six Sigma in your organization large or small.

Top management plays a very important role in the entire Six Sigma deployment processes. Therefore it is very important that in the initial phase of implementation of the Six-Sigma program, it should be fully accepted by the employees and they should show full commitment towards the steps of improvement. In the initial phase, development of a thorough infrastructure would help the functioning of the deployment process, and manage the implementation process. This phase should be developed as follows:

Establish Leadership Commitment and Involvement

The Six Sigma implementation processes must involve the top-level management. Total commitment and involvement must be there throughout the implementation process.
Senior management must assign a Management Champion to lead the Six Sigma implementation and make him the authoritative head for the entire Six Sigma project in the organization.

Form a Core Team

The Top management is responsible for forming a Six Sigma Core Team. The Management Champion heads the Core Team.
The main role of the Core Team is to develop and manage the Six Sigma implementation and to assure the readiness of the organization for the implementation.

Team up with outside Quality Facilitators

Assistance can be taken from experienced quality facilitators for the implementation process, especially for SMEs (small and medium enterprises)
The facilitators coaches the Core team in deploying Six Sigma implementation and in providing necessary training for all Six Sigma project participants.

Provide Six Sigma Deployment Training

To understand the benefits and general approach of the Six Sigma implementation, the top management and the core team should attend an overview on Six Sigma.
The Core Team should attend the training on Six Sigma development, deployment, and management.

Schedule Periodic Top Management Reviews

Reviews must be scheduled periodically in the initial stages of the Six Sigma program including the defining, developing, and implementing.
The top management must be informed about the activities involved in the Six Sigma implementation.

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