IT Projects and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)-Step Six

Waiting means idle time. It comprises waiting for code from up-stream operations, waiting for automation tools (if you are using them), resources and directions from higher authority. Now if you have ever worked in a QA team you know about waiting. In the older methodologies like waterfall you spent a lot of time spinning your wheels till the software was delivered. With Agile you work side by side with the developers so there is truly NO downtime. As a team you help design the tests for the application or the part of the code that is being delivered in this iteration. You will then prepare tests for the next piece of code that will be delivered in the next sprint. The time wasted in measuring and procuring information also makes up for idle time and is considered a waste. Idle time is the one when no value is added. In fact, waiting for manpower/labor is a matter of greater concern than the usage of computers or machinery.

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