IT Projects and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)-Step Seven

Sorry for the slight digression from the discussion of lean but I was performing a test with SlideShare and my SlideShare presentation portal. I know that’s it’s a little out there when we are discussing Lean. Now back to Lean, with any movement in terms of people or machinery that adds zero value to the product is wastage in terms of motion. The examples of motion waste include time wasted in hunting for tools, product handling, and arrangement of products, walking and loading. Some of these things are hard to associate with Agile but I will say that assigning people to work in the same area or environment is totally Agile in its thinking. The reasons for motion wastage include poor infrastructure, incompetent labor, weak processing and constant changes in agenda setting. Adopting Lean methodology helps as it exposes fruitless efforts and motions executed by the employees.

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