Lean Applications in Product Development-A Continuous Improvement Process

Learning and measuring for improvements should be a part of all the processes in any organization. The performance goals that need to be set for an organization should be finely detailed and should be accomplished during the project. Lessons should always be learned from the goals accomplished for the project and ALL employees should always upgrade their knowledge base. This can happened during the project which happens a lot because of resource constraints, and time lines. I have worked on many a project that we have to learn as a team new technology, code or an application that can assist us in the successful completion of the project. In fact, all the errors should be chronicled so that they are not repeated in the future, I have created a lessons learned document that I have the various teams complete after the project has had a successful launch. A problem solving session can also be held to extract multiple solutions and focus should be on the root cause and the countermeasures which you can implement to prevent recurrence on future projects.

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