Deploying Agile/Lean in the Organization

One-Identifying Value

Deploying Agile/Lean in an organization means bringing in a cultural change. Certain guidelines need to be followed while deploying Agile/Lean in the development process. We as development teams are making real efforts to improve our time to market when building IT applications. Speed and quality have been a direct result of implementing Agile/Lean in the development workplace. Agile/Lean/Scrum/XP have created at least for me a better working environment where all team members work in unison following one path which is to create the best software that will be delivered on time to the business. As more organizations move toward the Agile/Lean application development methodology I see organizations starting to experiment, innovate, and teach these different techniques to a wider audience of business leaders. During the next few years Agile/Lean will continue to grow in use and will morph into something that might not resemble what we use and see today which I believe is a good thing. “Innovation Means Progress”

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