Deploying Agile/Lean in the Organization-Automation

Automation to the production system should automatically adjust to external and internal conditions. This can be one of the toughest things about Agile/Lean implementation, the automation surrounding any repetitive activities. Having developers writing code and writing unit tests is sometimes very difficult because of time, resources and the unwillingness of team members to take on multiple roles. Repetitive activities consist of developers/quality assurance running unit tests that verify the smallest possible modules of the application software. Completing the execution at a rapid pace is one of the Agile/Lean principals for iterative development. For the methodology to work you will need to make the builds completely portable across environments, integrate unit testing into all builds and automate the deployment process so multiple team members can deploy to the environments. These iterations that are divided into 2 week modules and the prioritization of requirements will make sure you have standalone working software at the end of each time-box (2 weeks)

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