Agile/Scrum PM and Traditional PM

For the 3 years that I have worked in an agile/scrum environment, and after certification as a ScrumMaster I see little things that the traditional project management methodologies introduces into the agile/scrum environment. I think there are a few things that from the traditional side work well with agile/scrum, that does not mean falling right back into waterfall theories but there are a few things that I believe can be combined and are combined in the development arena. These of course are my opinions that I have acquired during my time working for a big (waterfall) organization and dot coms (agile/scrum). In my next few posts I will detail a few of the tools that I think can crossover from one framework to the other. Working for one of the biggest banks in the United States all the team members had their silo AND we were working on different floors. You never saw any of the stakeholders because they were on the upper floors and did not mingle with let’s say the "worker bees". You would say “no way” there is nothing in that environment that even remotely you could transition to agile/scrum, on my next posts I will try to. The competing frameworks can, do and will coexist till the end of time and in fact they can complement each other, but you have to remember agile/scrum is not for every project or every individual.

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