ScrumMaster Certification

So after working in an agile environment for 3 years I thought that I would become certified in this framework. I use the word framework or I believe that you can use the word methodology, if you look at the definitions they all seem to coexist together. I found the certification on the Scrum Alliance website and signed up for the course. The course was great; it made me think of all the things that went wrong on our first forays into this type of framework. The trainer Michael Vizdos was great; he broke up the class evenly between real world simulations and slide studies. He made sure that from the start he made the group feel like a team even though we were from different companies, countries, backgrounds, job titles and had varying types of skill sets. I am going to go over some of the things that I learned (next posts) so next time we as a team can improve on our projects, but isn’t that what Scrum is all about, learning as a team, learning together, growing together and being successful as a team: that’s why my companies tag-line is "Where Solutions Evolve Through Collaboration" isn’t that the truth!

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