Speed Indicators-Project Management on Steroids (Development Starts Now)

Starting Development
Now your team can start the “real work” of the project, and now you are very dependent on your team leaders, teams and the business/stakeholders. You must have meetings at regular intervals, this is where Agile comes into play, the “daily stand-up” should follow these guidelines.

• Meetings start on time Always!
• Meetings last no longer then 15 minutes
• Same place, same time, same location All the time!

Three Questions should be answered by all Team Members during these meetings

1. What did you do yesterday?
2. What are your plans today?
3. Any issues that prevent you from accomplishing your goal?

It will be your role as the Project Manager or Scrum Master to facilitate resolutions for any impediments. Also do these OUTSIDE of this meeting (daily stand-up) so the stand-up can run the 15 minutes of allotted time you give it each day. Keep the team’s momentum up; Agile helps your cause because you are working in 2 or 4 week iteration cycles delivering working software every iteration. With Agile Project Management/ScrumMaster it’s not a hand-off scenario, you have to communicate daily and face to face with your team members driving your involvement and your commitment to the development project.

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