Scrummaster/Project Management Software Suppliers

Now you are ready to buy your software but you have to get one more round of answers to some questions and these might be the most important ones. You have to elicited response from software vendors and what should you expect from suppliers?

Explore Areas:
1.Study the history/demographics of the company.
Simply how long has the company been in business? (This is a stability question)
2.Get references.
Ask the company for references and visit sites that use the project management software you are interested in.
3.Obtain demonstration software.
Request a demonstration disk or ask the supplier if their Web site includes a demonstration version.
4.Check the documentation.
Inadequate documentation is a warning sign.
5.Obtain training.
Secure training directly from the project management software supplier or from a third party.
6.Join a user group.
Join a user group to leverage the software functionality.
7.Investigate future software releases.
What is coming in future releases.
8.Track News.
Is there good press and reviews on the application?
9.Patented Technologies.
Are the technologies that the vendor sells patented to the vendor?
What kind, help desk, online, manuals only, etc

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