Motivation has an importance relationship to delegation because without it, delegated task are not performed.

To delegate effectively to project team members, try some of these ideas:
1.Determine desired results.
Make sure to develop a plan and create objectives. Many managers determine desired results, but do not communicate them clearly.
2.Assign and discuss tasks.
Assignment usually takes place but not discussion. Provide team members with an opportunity to ask questions and clarify instructions. This is the most important ingredient for successful delegation.
3.Delegate authority.
Make sure your team members and the rest of your organization know what tasks are delegated. There can be no confusion if authority to act exists and knowledge of which tasks have been delegated has been imparted.
4.Communicate expectations.
This step is not done very well. "Just do it" or "just handle it" are all-too-common requests from project managers. Make sure that your expectations support your project's desired results.
5.Perform follow-up.
This is another step that is not done well. Some project managers follow up too much, others not enough.
In addition to completing these steps, follow these additional requirements to successfully delegate:
Listen to team members input regarding objectives and methods.
Be willing to let go.
Be willing to let others make mistakes.
Be willing to trust others.

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